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A little over a year ago, we interviewed the mastermind behind Stripmall Ballads, Phillips Saylor, who was about to embark on a tour in promotion of the album that just came out, “Ballads, Stripmall”. In the year since, my, have they have been busy. And all the talent and imagination brewing in their brains culminate in Friday night’s spectacular in Bethesda.

Stripmall Ballads presents The Perfect Pipe Bomb – A Folk Opera. Yeah, you heard right. A Folk Opera. We’re talking 15 foot tall puppets, shadow art, narration, a full choir and the psychedelic rock of one of the best bands in DC.

And it all goes down this Friday, Oct 8th at the Mansion at Strathmore in Bethesda. Strathmore’s site calls The Perfect Pipe Bomb “A fusion of theatre and songwriting, old-time poetry and raw noise rock, virtuosic tradition and psychedelic experimentation, narrative and ecstatic performance – is the most ambitious performance attempted by any band in the DC area in many years.”

Buy tickets here – Advance Tickets $10, $12 at the door (which open at 8pm).

Read more about it from the band on the Facebook Event Page.

And thank us later when your mind is blown. No wait, thank Stripmall Ballads.

UPDATE 10/7: PBR is sponsoring the traditional Strathmore “Cocktail Hour” w/ $2 PBR’s to enjoy while you explore the Mansion before the show! I know! You’re sold!

Stripmall Ballads

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