Set Sail with Power Pirate

By Emily

The three-piece electronic band known as Power Pirate proves that the sum really can be greater than its individual parts. Emily Pakulski, Michael Garate and Annika Monari of Power Pirate join forces and use their upbeat music to steal the hearts of their audiences—how very pirate-esque of them indeed. A triumvirate of raw talent, the band offers listeners a musical oasis of sugar-infused electronic mania. Chords and rhythms pay homage to Daft Punk and The Stooges and are prevalent throughout their music, but remain true to their own style. Similarly, the DC punk scene provides them with a “passion and energy,” according to Annika that is infused in their sound. Power Pirate’s music is fun to listen to and provides a cardiovascular workout for the ears of which even Richard Simmons would be proud.

Power-pirate-groupThis summer, the band performed live at a number of local venues including Fort Reno and the Black Cat. At their Fort Reno show the weather was mild and the crowd was lively. Power Pirate took the stage and entertained the audience with a well-rounded set that got fans dancing and heads bobbing. The band’s performance overall was inspired and exciting as Emily reigned supreme on guitar, Michael showed his proficiency on keyboard, and Annika’s hands flew across her drums with sticks waving to the rapid tempos.

During the first few songs however, it was apparent that the set would be plagued by sound and technical issues—recording and producing electronic-based music for general consumption is one thing, but performing it live (not to mention outdoors) creates a whole host of additional challenges and complexities for both the musicians and the listeners. Fortunately, the band kept their composure and continued the show like consummate performers. As this show proved, the three possess a sense of maturity and level of skill that is well beyond their years.

Listen to the songs on their demo and you’ll find a polished and refined sounding Power Pirate. Pieces such as “Alone” and “Party” are enjoyable songs with a playful and lighthearted nature, which is what Power Pirate does best. The foundation of something great is ever present with this band’s music and as they complete their first album this fall they are primed for success. Mike notes that the “songs on the [new] album will vary in intensity, organization and difficulty, yet remain similar at their core to keep the album concise.”

Indeed, as they continue to grow and seek to add layers of depth to their music and lyrics, they will undoubtedly improve the quality of their music. Emily reflected that as they evolve as a band they, “are trying to both keep what people like about our sound and develop as musicians at the same time.” As Power Pirate embarks on its next chapter, we at DoS look forward to hearing the results of their efforts and would certainly walk the plank in order to hear their new album.

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