DoS Annual Spring Showcase 2010 Wrap-up

On April 2nd District of Sound hosted its Annual Spring Showcase at The Velvet Lounge. We brought together some of your favorite DC bands—Bellflur, Drop Electric and Club Scout—and put them all on one bill as a way to share the DC music scene with our readers.

District of Sound’s Annual Spring Showcase from District of Sound on Vimeo.

Club Scout @ Spring Showcase '10First up for the night was Club Scout. With their energetic and buoyant pop-rock the crowd was swelling with excitement. By the time they were through with their first song the club was already packed!

Drop Electric @ Spring Showcase '10Drop Electric followed with their entrancing melodies and danceable rhythms. The crowd stood in awe as they floated through a danceable-set of densely layered tunes. I was sure when they busted out the violin bow and started playing the guitar with it that everyone in the crowd was going to lose their minds!

Bellflur @ Spring Showcase '10Rounding out the night was Bellflur. I am not sure what more I can say about this band. If you read my show review last year, than you know they are one of my favorite bands playing DC right now. They take elements of Sigur Ros and combine them with Frank Zappa like inventiveness. The specialty gear they bring to the stage alone is enough to make any musician squeal with geeky delight. I highly recommend you check out their new album that is being released at Iota on April 30th!

In short this event was so much fun I can’t wait until next year! It was a great way to start the summer and I am sure there are plenty more memorable moments yet to be made in 2010. We will see you wherever the music takes us!

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