Birthday Bash 2010

I was fortunate enough to get invited to WPGC’s Birthday Bash last week. The only problem is I am not up on the current hip hop scene in the district. Luckily I have a two friends and colleagues (Carlos Claros and Christopher Sablan) that were up for the challenge. Below is their take on the wild ride that was WPGC’s Birthday Bash. Enjoy!

On Wednesday May 19, 2010 WPGC 95.5, one of the District’s most renowned Hip-Hop & R&B radio stations, celebrated their annual Birthday bash.  Like every year the station did not sell the tickets for the event, but instead ask for public participation. Asking their listeners to call in and answer trivia questions about the artists performing during the event.   WPGC keeps up its reputation of being a great supporter of the talent found in the East Coast, by bringing artist such as TCB Band, DJ Khaled, T-Pain, And Trey Songz

This year the station chose Ibiza Night Club as their venue,  which was a great option considering that it is one of D.C.’s most frequented Club.  As we approached the location you could already tell the magnitude of the event was significant, for the line to access Birthday Bash was nearly three blocks in length.  After having entered Ibiza’s upscale lobby I heard the familiar sounds of T.C.B. Band (Total Control Band), which was surprising due to Ibiza’s strict “no go-go” policy.  T.C.B. Band is a group that originated in the streets of D.C. They set the tone for the night by playing songs that catered to their crowd. And ended it with a prayer by his band-mates , honoring one of their players who is currently in a comma known as Reggie Polo.  Overall their performance was nothing less than proper.

Trey Songz who claims Virginia as his home state, was the most anticipated act of the night especially among the female attendees.  He served his role well as the “panty dropper” of the night, while he serenaded to his female fans the greatest hits from his last three albums “I gotta Make it,” “Trey Day,” and “Ready,” being his latest album.

As expected, the celebration was live. The Birthday Bash is an opportunity not to miss out on.  You have your large crowd, famous faces, and a mind-set of everyone that says “I’m not worrying about tomorrow. I’m just here to have fun.”