A One Man Ship: We Were Pirates

Photo by Lisa Boggs (lisaboggsphotography.com)

To the best of my knowledge Mike Boggs isn’t actually a pirate, nor is he more than one person. But when he picks up one of the multiple instruments that he has mastered and hooks up his laptop in his homemade studio, he becomes We Were Pirates. Let’s discuss, and I promise to keep the pirate puns to a minimum.

While the name “We Were Pirates” probably isn’t a misnomer on purpose (like a trio called Ben Folds Five), he does seem to do the job of many.  Arguably one of the hardest working men in DC, Mike Boggs is a one man wonder band. He writes, records and plays all by his lonesome. The project started off as a guy who had an iBook, Garageband and a love of music, and it has turned into a pure pop-adventure. Boggs has an innate ability to write and record catchy pop tunes that seem to pillage and plunder (sorry, I tried) their way into your brain and incite a feeling of toe-tapping and hum-inducing joy.

The latest release from We Were Pirates is called Cutting Ties and it has received some well deserved attention. A couple songs were recently used on episodes of the DC version of “The Real World.”  And it’s no wonder, because the album has infectious songs from front to back and includes everything from semi-grundgy guitars (used in a Fountains Of Wayne type of way) to hand-claps and voice doubling (used in a Beach Boys type of way). It’s quite the clever little album.

“Settle Down,” one of the songs featured on The Real World, is a perfect example of the infectious music Boggs crafts. The album also includes the cover “The Three of Us,” another wonderfully perfect little pop song. Other standouts on the album include “Restless” and “Little Monsters.”

While We Were Pirates does take on two more members for live shows (his live help coming in the form of Gabriel Fry and Ben Skinner), there’s a feeling that the music is fantastic because Mike Boggs does it all himself, not in spite of. If “Cutting Ties” passed you by last year without a listen, don’t let it pass you this time around.

Learn more about We Were Pirates here.

We Were Pirates

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