A Healthy Dose of Reggae Fusion

GroundScore's Album - Healthy Children

Album art by Andrea Clarke, edited by Lea Lynette

There’s a new face in the DC punk/reggae scene. Formed in late 2008, GroundScore released its debut album, Healthy Children, in December of 2009. The self-produced album is a 12-track mixture of reggae rhythms, ska guitar, upbeat upstrokes, and punk-style distortion. Heavily influenced by the ever-popular group Sublime, the band also adds in some psychedelic guitar solos and metered rhyme schemes, allowing them to break away from the standard punk/reggae template.

The first two tracks are solid melodic/upbeat/reggae fusion style songs. Then you get hit by “Ball Sweat & Tears.” The name says it all. This track is a short hardcore song that makes you say, “Where did that come from?” From then on, each song really encompasses a mass of different styles—from your traditional reggae off-beats and melodic singing like in “Later on,” to heavier guitar distortion and faster pace like in “See You All Tomorrow.”

My personal favorite track is “Hey Kidz / Real Love.” This seven minute song really showcases each member of GroundScore’s talents. Opening with distorted punk rock guitar and thrashing drums, leading into smooth vocals and a message about today’s corrupted youth, and then on to those heavy bass lines. This song also has more than several tempo changes and solos and for as complex as they are, each transition is as smooth as the first

With the release of Healthy Children, GroundScore is going live and playing many shows in the area and surrounding east coast cities. They will be playing with Silver Spring’s Lionize at the Rock and Roll Hotel on April 22nd. So be sure to head over there and check them out.

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