A Diamond in the Rough: Look at the Rock & Roll Hotel

RNRHotelH Street is one of the areas that is now slowly but surely reclaiming its place in DC as one of the city’s busiest commercial districts; it was in fact the location of the very first Sears building. In the mid-2000’s the Arts and Entertainment District began to revitalize the area and it was soon proclaimed the “new” nightlife district. While this whole transformation took place, businesses saw potential in the H Street corridor and therefore many bars and restaurants opened including: Sticky Rice, Dr. Granville Moore’s, H Street Country Club, The Argonaut Tavern, Sova Coffee House, The Atlas Performing Arts Center, The Pug, The Palace of Wonders, and The Red and the Black. This in turn attracted many people from downtown to take the free H Street Shuttle just to check out the scene.

Then there is of course, the Rock & Roll Hotel. In the midst of all the construction around DC and in the H Street corridor there was the Robert O. Freeman Funeral Services building. Ladies and gentleman…yes…this was the new location for what we now know as our beloved Rock & Roll Hotel. This venue has become an icon and an institution for live music in Washington, DC.

The hotel wanted to follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest hotels in history like the Savoy in London and the Inter-Continental Hotel in Paris. Both hotels have placed their own marks in history as two of the most welcoming spots in the world. The Rock & Roll Hotel wanted to take these characteristics and put it all in one place. This venue wants to make its mark as being the hub for a thriving creative subculture and has really placed a mark in local history. From the flying guitars in the ceiling to the antique furniture, the Rock & Roll Hotel gives the average music lover an experience he/she will never forget.

This rock venue has really changed the H Street corridor, not only for its commitment to live music, but the club hosts everything from private, non-profit events, leading music DJ’s on the 2nd floor, and everything from Rock & Roll Ping Pong to a Spelling Bee contest during the week. Since the club opened in August 2006 it has been the home for many big names in the music industry with performances this week alone by groups including Casper Bangs, Lissy Rosemont, Bonjour Ganesh!, and The Vita Ruins.

Now a haven for great music, and at the same time providing the community a place to stay and drink, Rock & Roll Hotel is truly a unique experience that you cannot get anywhere else.

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